Propagandhi – Fixed Frequencies (With Lyric)

Here in the land which it was promised to Abraham We listen to catechize from your overseas pulpit.

Weep evidence of our barbarism.

Dry your eyes Pharisee.

We speak both of the jargon of the settlers.

Both read the same scripts already staged hum and familiar tunes, transmitted on fixed frequency, locked into unchanging habits.

Both profess noble intentions while civilize human obstacles.

Therefore, if your hands are clean, Take off from the face that look of "who, me?" and acknowledge that our projects are only separated by space and time.

Different scenes, same crimes.

Pray, who is without sin cast the first statues the former rogues made folk heroes erected by your forefathers.

Do not give me lessons on earth robbed while you enjoy it on your father's remains.

We do not want nothing more than what you already have a comforting set of facts exculpatory, such as the myth of the empty land and such a complete conquest we can remove these tanks from our streets entrust bureaucrats outstanding issues and become just like you wander carefree in your bar, absolved from sin and human grenades Just between us, how did your desert to bloom? THANKS FOR THE VISION.