Pranking My Friend With Lyric’s of Gnash-I hate u I love u Feat.Olivia O’Brian

Hi Hi Why Did you never answer I can't I mean answered see the end of this You can't do what What is the end of this? Just wanna feel your kiss against my lips No Bro And now all this time is passing by Why? , WHAT! It hurts me every time I see you Why? Bye I've relized how much I need you Mom said Haha this was a lyric prank Gnash feat.

Olivia O'brian I hate u I love u Your going in front of 450 people Bro? And that's a wrap everybody I hope you guys did enjoy this video if you did make sure to give it a fat thumbs up It will be very well aprprechiated and it will show your apreeciation for the channel And of course I will see you all in the next one Goooodbye!!!.