Lyric Dubee interview part 3 – writing with Dave Dunlop (Rik Emmett)

I met him through Rik Emmett who played forTriumph.

Ya, yep.

And ya, so, I went backstage to go meet Rikand Dave was there and he said well Dave runs the studio and that’s when I was lookingto finish recording my album, I had just got back from Nashville and I started to go totwo different studios in Toronto, and one was Dave’s and one was Oak Recording Studios.

And so from there I recorded two songs, two? Ya, two songs with Dave [laughter] and twomore songs at Oak.

Who You are is one right? And another one is an unreleased one, whichwill be on the third album.

Ok, and Who You Are was done at Room 9? Ah, yep, at Dave’s.


And that was a co-write you did with Daveas well too? Yep, both the songs I did with Dave were actuallyco-writes.

Awesome! So we came in there from scratch and completelywrote two brand new songs, which is a really great experience, cause when I have, whenI was with Nolan Neal (Hinder) we either jammed and an idea came up or the other time waswhen I’d pad chords as an idea.

So to come in blank with a fresh start wasa really, really great experience! Ya.

And I imagine you’re a sponge in the studiowriting with these guys so do you find you come away with a little piece of somethingelse, you’ll add to your own vibe as you go? Oh sure.

I find like even just words, like I writenovels as well, just [laughter] I don’t release them, I just write them so that Ihave to increase my English knowledge and the words I know to write better songs.

And then once you do that, you can start to,really understand what you’re saying and proper structure and song structure, so whatI, I pull away every little word I can and every little idea and chord change and progressionthat I didn’t know about, and ah everything I do with anybody is a learning experiencefor me.

Ok so wait.

When do you have time! [laughter] I don’tdo anything else! [laughter] He’s waking up at six o’clock in the morning! [laughter]Where are your parents, I gotta talk to them Lyric – how do you guys work this out! [laughter] Well I, literally my entire life,number one is music, number two is the music business, number three is a very close splitbetween fitness and art and drawing, and after that comes my novels and stories, writing.

Wow! Are you still doing martial arts? Ah, no actually I did stop for risk of handinjuries, ya, oh ya.

Cause I was at a point in my martial artscareer where I was competing for Canada in the North American Championships, yep.

So I completed that and I finished my goal,I won double gold in the North American Championships for taekwondo and I got to a second degreeblack belt and I was doing mixed martial arts and kick boxing and I started seeing my friendsgo home and she’d come home from a tournament with a few broken ribs every tournament! And she was a few belts a head of me.

Wow! And then another frien broke his arm and thenshoulders dis-located.

And you break a finger, that’s a nothing! Ya.

Cause we’re not using the big boxing gloves,we’re using the small ones that are meant for easy grabs and, ya there was just toomuch risk to injure any part of my body that I might need to play guitar.


And at that point it was like, well what doI really want to do cause I, there was a time in my life when I was younger when I wantedto teach martial arts, that was it.

And then I kinda realized well I can playmusic or I can teach martial arts.

And I was like, I thought really hard, wellnot music.

Ya! [laughter] It was a really tough callfor me, especially to stop something so suddenly and I was training anywhere from four to sixdays a week for two to four hours.

Wow! To go so suddenly from, and my main masterhad moved away.

He was an eight degree black belt and he trainedmost of the UFC guys there.

But when he moved away, I went to every differenttrainer there was and ah, it just kind of, I couldn’t justify getting in, I got injuredin a tournament one time and I was urged to keep fighting and I said well, I’ve beeninjured in tournaments before and I know when it’s time to stop and he told me to keepgoing and I said I don’t think this is for me anymore.

Cause there comes a time when you have tochoose what you want more in your life, if you want, what love you like most, and mylove is music, and it still is.