Hollowmind – New Song

Morning rise, as I crumbleDown and have to face another day There’s a search, yet unfinished,For the essence of the one I now am and soon will be As every ship demands a harbor to land inI need to find my solid ground Whenever there’s imbalance in between my selvesSomeone has to give me shelter Haven, havenKeep me safe from stormy nights Right on the morrow bury my sorrowsDeep within a casket out of sight, my sight Late at night, as I reckonAll the pieces of this maze I’m in There’s a spark, yet unclear,A perception that enlightens my internal debate It seems wherever I may go the answer’s “no”To every question that I make Why have I taken just so long to realize“Yes” lies with my kin, my blood tribe Haven, havenKeep me safe from the awful truth Bear no intrusion, heal the delusionsRooted in the memories of my youth, poor youth Just before my time runs outCame to know the balance I’ve longed for is right within my reach Good and bad I have been throughOnly with these loving people (all around my soul) I could Haven, havenKeep me safe from disbelief Find me a reason for every season I have spent in so much loss and grief, deep grief.