Cytus – Chapter K – The Duel (The Fallen Bloom) with Lyric

Wheel began to turn the fate of Predestined outcome begins Title: The Fallen Bloom The Duel Music: HOSKEY Vocol: Searlait & Yoneko Unrivaled in the line Rejected in the past Tomorrow they hesitate to flowers Burning pupil Watching you Destined to be waiting for the day Frozen heart is not open closed Flowers were imprisoned in the past Sword and shield To hang on The loneliness stashed in my heart Let me look at you heartache I want to conquer this stupid world I will use these hands will stop you Wheel began to turn the fate of The outcome is destined to future And past Intersection together in my mind In grief The gradual collapse of the wheel of fate Interwoven unknowable future such after for sure for sure It can understand each other Can not be recovered in time – Thanks to Kichioni – Do not forget to subscribe to read the press !! Oh: D !!.