BES & ISSUGI – Coffee&Sugar(with lyric)

yeah, this is BES ILL LOUNGE Delicious even cold DRIP of Me bitter Coffee Sweet trap and successfully play every day Spit in action, ill language Seriously 16flip, No.

1 champion sound! Dark taste bitter Dances keyword to put the riddim Leave! Proof that I et al.

Have lived Absolutely consisting Do I, scarecrow chatting Taste of honey is poison is, Hamare if dope I Do not miss to hear, this is BED de? Depth of flavor, does not look too deep If this is unknown flavor relish It was delivered? Enjoy coffee & sugar Not a bad glue, number of listening post I woke up, black and white liquid Poison's attention! It's the BES is pervert! <HOOK> Open ya eyes! Not barely open That it is better, go to heven Even in science reaction is shaken off let's on runaway feeling Let's go to without having to worry about! Cashing a statement bye bye do not want to say Toka microphone ※※※※※ Shaved shoes, coffee & sugar It means you do not select a bouncy rhyme us sugar like chocolate break you stick Change with one blow when the storage is also sparse, sloppiness as do in Home to the back! Incidentally fellow bad even bury! To get the sunday bottom to drink the night 16 of raw, ho from darkness Fly air, open up, the monster Dodge appearance, going down, followed by talk 10 mornig here logic is not The taste in front of the meaning is essential ※※※ to become addictive and habit Medical to sick likely mind neutralizing Live feel new joint Negative emptiness is each other trick, unnatural'm as people say Scrutiny by the tongue, hide Art Swimming hourglass, through the desert to fall <HOOK> in the brain, Oke moving in the gap ceased Sing songs and cloudy skies each chop Body temperature keep heat in Arica oh, lips burning the coffee & sugar First of all be moved, if move the dream and the pen tip to seize OK, gold mica phone! If this cipher Tokere, you're the guy leisurely living rush that could, play with lighters yeah, this is BES ILL LOUNGE yeah, 16flip shit No doubt ISSUGI, BES.