BES from swanky swipe – Fucked Up Bowy(with lyric)

yeah I malik sorry Sorry "you sick? ' yeah I'm sick haha have a nice dream everyday yo yeah It is sunny even Nakano today to say Somehow yeah BES shit !! Listen BITCH !! Day-to-day struggling to escape from the underdog Repetitious talk side by side every day rip self Mitsuru One-shot reversal It can be seen in you? Meaning that he is alive Waste only think Surprise that is suddenly passed ※※※ of baby says to me "white lover" All right Swarthy lover chase Sequelae Kuta, after 8 hours But it does not stop, yes in a bet yes y'all Probably the difference of perfect and fastidiousness? Residual urine following the not even old man I'll do the guy you want to do It does not matter which was Kangu', haa? It does not'm bored enough to extra guy opponent Than settled in poor, get better, oh! <HOOK> stone junky freaks A few seconds before you lose your own pain to regret is to convince Know in Piss sentence, eyes in front of the real The reason flickering everyday that stumbled stone kick back Graces, a few seconds before the knock down Surely, money to convince pay Stuck reason flickering everyday Papered rhyme and smoke, in the con City out to follow, red line and the army Honey, such as 2 thousant yen butterfly Fascinated was Bowy, try to knock on the door Also grab Puroppusu and scratches in Inaori Calm down, the place where, cheap seeds Frightened sheep, pretend the wolf Tadano freaks, FREE connects the risk hand 10 years a little less than, Haitai etc.

does not look real Reason after all, such as philosophy with Freedom, what is real full of trick Myself that I noticed after losing Exploring smell Toko Not out of impasse, obvious contradiction I also guy also gold, still licking agonizing The reason is not needed, still the middle of the journey <HOOK> Late morning, check! Cell phone remains off That will Butch, with the fire smoke Think, blow, smoke, flow, mistake ※※※※ too broke Noticing in the woman's chest if Among the sheets fluttering sweat as "powder snow" resucue me? haha! hardly impossible Dawn of Tokyo, walking in staggering Feel free to feel free to consult with gold Comfortably at ease unreasonable consultation what? what? DRUG Buy your what a dream today? Scab of the eyelids and the pill and Hana Nose and eyelids rip also to good Okya quit Homie! Have a nise dream Until sleep agent make me tired to sleep <HOOK>.